The Jungle (prod. by Prolific)

by AntiFrantik

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Within we carry an essence that's propelling us forth
Hurtling out of a present that's impeccably short
Finding ourselves in a desert; we're all saving our lives
Giving so many a try under such wretched support
Nevertheless, our hunger is never sated by thoughts that we contemplated
Robots: we are not related
Digging into memories and optics that we've created
On top we have got to say it: Hip-Hop, it is not debated
On to the next with a murderous kind of intent
Build up courage until you've heard of us; we're urging on the ascent
Expelling thoughts with a purpose
The world is open, an oyster
A pearl is centered within, such a nourishing supplement
Anomaly ain't really be trying to fit in
Rather be trying to body beats; that is our primary mission
And we'll do it for all to see, imagine the gall
I'm telling myself with a calm belief
My only hope now is that we will listen to this wisdom:

This jungle of a ton a bricks
Does it deep under your skin with all the politics?
The question: am I gonna mix
Rat race-type mentality with all my love for it?

We struggle to find our purpose
In the end, yo, it'll all be worth it
One thing on our mind? (To survive up in the jungle)
Put our egos to the side (They build up to only crumble)

Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge
I'm trying not to lose my head

Can you imagine when I'mma make it?
I prommise these words'll be like throwing acid over the fake shit
Corrosive to the touch 'til all these masks are eradicated
Including the ones I own, no looking back inside of the Matrix
(Back to the basics)
The flow is amazing, as such, I have a responsibility
More than just entertainment; so much of this is a want for healing these
Listeners going through what I have seen
I gotta believe
The thinking I had was tainted, a crutch, not knowing Hip-Hop was feeling me
Now all rise for the man that's judge and jury
A mythical apparition characterized by tons of fury
I bought right into the hype came out indebted to the masses
But I'm done paying that price, looking in the mirror all I ask is:


released June 5, 2016
M. W. Carter, W. Rideout
produced, mixed and mastered by Prolific



all rights reserved


AntiFrantik Toronto, Ontario

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